design principles

A building responsibly, and cleverly designed around supporting people – choice and flexibility in how and where we work, who we work with and when.

Innovative Design

A creation by Lend Lease in consultation with Stable Group, and designed by renowned firm of architects nettletontribe, Lifestyle Working Collins Street is an innovative re-think of the the commercial built environment.

Pushing design and operational practices to new levels, where sustainable initiatives drive efficiencies and directly impact on the behavior and outflow benefits to investors and tenants operating their businesses from this amazing building.

The varied types of circulation spaces, occasional and formal meeting points create activity and vitality within the building. Planned over four levels, individual suites are encased in two simple rectangular forms with a central street, the long axis of each block is oriented north south to maximize the solar access and natural daylight. The arrival spaces are roofed and semi-enclosed at both ends to allow a natural flow of air between the buildings with the central atrium being partially open to the elements.

A place where people and business can flourish

Lifestyle Working Collins Street has been designed around people – a place that supports people’s needs in a connected, urban campus environment that encourages choice and flexibility in a collaborative and flexible manner.

The building design contains adaptable spaces and dynamic forms in a porous environment, to encourage businesses and people to move freely through the building between private suites, “privileged” and “semi-privileged” meeting spaces. These unique spaces significantly improve the effective efficiency of the private strata suites – reducing capital costs, energy usage and outgoings, and therefore overall business operating expenses.

The building is a composition of rectangular boxes on different axes with a courtyard connecting Collins Street to Victoria Green to the north. The facades are comprised of full height “clear” shop front glazing with glass louvre and sun-shading elements to the exterior, maximizing solar access and indoor air quality, yet fully controlled.

The public spaces offer outdoor/indoor dynamic informal meeting spaces facilitating communication within the community. A courtyard with allocated retail outlets in strategic locations on ground level will promote a balanced outdoor/indoor working lifestyle – a whole new level of services and functions that are typically not available, particularly to small businesses, in other buildings.

Lifestyle Working is a sustainable evolution – a unique innovation of process and methodology in the commercial built environment. It creates a replicable code of criteria as a response to the challenges of balancing an integration of the environment, sustainable behaviour, community, culture and finance.