the building

Lifestyle Working Collins Street combines architectural vision and creative planning with community responsibility, commercial functionality and environmental sustainability.

The new way to work…

Equitable, sustainable office spaces designed around people, and their needs in a contemporary + connected, responsible work environment -“Lifestyle Working Collins Street™” follows the successful introduction of the Lifestyle Working concept at Brookvale, NSW.

Lifestyle Working contests conventional thinking, traditional design and old style work practices, that intrinsically limit choice and flexibility, and are invariably wasteful and inefficient.

Located on Collins Street in Victoria Harbour, the hub of Melbourne’s emerging financial district, Lifestyle Working Collins Street is set to change the landscape of commercial office accommodation.

Lifestyle Working – a new way of thinking delivers a new way of working.

Invest today for a successful tomorrow

Lifestyle Working Collins Street is an innovative and sustainable commercial strata office building. There are currently 137 suites, over ground and four upper levels, including retail and a café.