Equities, commercial property the future

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RESIDENTIAL property has been Australia’s highest-returning asset class over the past 24 years — eclipsing shares — but over the next decade it will be outperformed by commercial property, according to research by ANZ. ANZ forecasts that equities will overtake residential property as the strongest performer over the next 10 years but suggests that when... Read More

Redesigning offices for modern times

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The impact of technology and productivity principles has led to a transformation of office environments over the past few years. Traditional workplaces are increasingly adopting a more flexible approach, with companies redesigning their offices to cater to modern lifestyles. view the full... Read More

Strata offices shine

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Melbourne businesses are buying strata office properties to service their space requirements as they seek to avoid sharp rent increases and to expoit capital growth opprtunities, according to Savills Australia. Savills said strata offices were averaging 24 per cent capital growth annually and some tenants were keen to avoid rent increases of more than 10... Read More

A beacon for global investors

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With domestic competition for prime grade commercial property in Australia much reduced, it;s an environment tailor-made for investors to enter the market. Now is a special time in Australian real estate history. Commercial yields are among the highest in the world, held that way thanks to high cost of debt, while risk remains low by... Read More

Investing? Consider commercial property too

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Commercial property can offer great returns but you must tread warily. Investors always need to be on the lookout for high-percentage returns and, traditionally, commercial property offers a better return than a house or a unit. The downside of buying a shop or an office, however, is the entry cost. A two-storey Victorian-era shop in... Read More

Melbourne sitting pretty in office market

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Foreign investors are jumping at the chance to invest in the city’s CBD. MELBOURNE is leading the charge in the upswing in Australian office markets, but local investors are still wary as caution in both debt and equity markets is curbing demand for property. Overseas investors, however, are more willing to plunge into Australian property... Read More

Happy workers enjoy lifestyle

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Lifestyle Working offices are designed to encourage staff to work like contented and busy little bees in buildings that sport the company’s trademark honeycomb motif. Making a mockery of the notion that the energy conscious need to retreat to cold and dark caves, Lifestyle Working’s strata offices marry sustainability to high technology. The brand’s latest... Read More

Small players’ green tick

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The big end of town will be pushed aside, and the little man will take centre stage, under a new project to be built in Docklands. Lifestyle Working, at 838 Collins Street in Victoria Harbour, is a $70 million commercial strata office building enterprises. It promises the latest in sustainability initiatives, such as solar energy... Read More

Tight Supply Ups Rent Pressures

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Rents in Melbourne could surge as much as 10 per cent this year and in 2012 as the city’s office market remains the tightest on the mainland. The vacancy rate is 6.3 per cent, down from 6.5 per cent six months ago. With limited supply and strong demand, Melbourne is becoming the ‘reno capital’ of... Read More

Booming CBD sets Cracking Vacancy Pace

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The Melbourne CBD now has the lowest vacancy rate of all major city centres in Australia, with just 6.3 per cent of office space empty, according to the latest statistics from the Property Council of Australia. The vacancy rate fell from 6.5 per cent to 6.3 per cent in the six months to January despite... Read More

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